IT-Architechs and You

What can IT-Architechs do for your business?

Combining the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform with Office 365 can give your company a total IT solution without the need to purchase and support expensive hardware systems.  As a member of the  Microsoft Partner Network, IT-Architechs can provide you with advice and assistance in provisioning these technologies, as well as web and application development services to meet specific requirements.

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Microsoft Office 365 gives you:

  • The same Office software you know and use every day, only better
  • Access for each user to their documents on up to 5 devices (Laptop, Phone, Tablet, etc)
  • Business-class emails and shared calendars from virtually anywhere
  • Online conferencing with real-time note taking and screen sharing
  • Share documents securely and even work together at the same time
  • Create, edit and share your files from any browser
  • Build your public website with on-line tools and ZERO hosting fees
  • Minimise your upfront cost, and get enterprise grade IT at a fraction of the cost
  • Simple administration, easy control and rock-solid security

The Microsoft Azure Cloud platform:

  • Is much more than just a platform for Office 365 and your data
  • Enables modern business applications and people centric IT
  • Is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage multi-tier applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacentres
  • Provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for any data, big and small
  • Creates virtual machines on the fly running both Windows and Linux OS’s
  • Offers mobile services to enable data access for Andriod, iOS and Windows phones
  • Allows streaming media to HD, DVD and phones.
  • Allows websites and databases to be scaled up and down on demand so you only pay for what you use.
  • Lets you get started with free websites and a gallery of web apps.  Then scale as you go.
  • Can be used to build sites with any language such as ASP.NET, PHP, Python and Node.js
  • Gives scalable and triple geo-replicated SQL Server databases for absolute data protection
  • Enables you to create virtual private networks and securely link these with on-premise infrastructure.
  • Has too many more features and services to list here!!!

IT-Architechs can utilise Microsoft Azure services to create bespoke applications (and apps), web sites, data and compute services to further extend the power of this cloud based platform.  Line of Business applications can be mobilised and scaled to provide much needed accessibility.  Microsoft Azure removes any barriers to small and mid-size businesses that desire the benefits of modelling their business processes into enterprise class software applications.

Sharing and collaborating between work colleagues is built in to Office 365 giving  immediate gains in efficiency and a more productive environment.  Further development of customised applications can dramatically improve the productivity of both premises based and remote workers.

In short, the Microsoft Cloud enables any company to break away from the ties of in-house desk based IT and to enjoy the freedom to do business just about anywhere, and on any device.  IT-Architechs can help you on that that journey and also develop solutions to match your every need.