About Us

IT-Architechs was founded in 2008 by a software solution architect with 25 years prior experience of computer programming in a wide range of industry sectors. As co-director in an IT training company for 15 years experience was gained with most business software applications used in the UK. Combining this with a history of developing bespoke applications using Microsoft technologies results in an ability to create innovative applications.

The arrival of cloud platforms, especially Microsoft Azure, further continues the desire to empower small to mid-size businesses with the technologies that gave large corporations major advantages in the early days of the IT revolution. It’s a really exciting period in software development and Microsoft Azure is at the forefront of bringing the benefits of enterprise computing to everyone.

Whilst mainly supplying services in the Cheshire, North Staffordshire and Shropshire geographical regions, the nature of web based solutions and remote working means that IT-Architechs could be of help to any UK company.