Application Development and Related Services

: do you need to  develop software?

If you can’t find a solution that offers the functions essential for your business process then you need an application authoring that does.  Your business is unique and a bespoke solution will always allow future requirements and innovations to be utilised earlier, giving you a business advantage.

: our process of development

The first stage of development is to learn and analyse your way of working.  Our depth of experience in many business markets allows us to identify details that make the difference regardless of the scope of the application.

: writing the code required

That’s where our expertise is put to work behind the scenes to produce exactly the look and function you want to save you time and money.  Whether it be .NET, php, javascript, sql, or other language, the final product will meet or exceed the expectations of the users on the chosen platform

Application Development helps companies of all sizes to function in the most effective way possible. Many of the applications IT-Architechs have developed follow business processes that are critical but where the specific functionality cannot be found in off-the-shelf business software due to the unique nature of the business.

IT-Architechs specialise in creating or extending (by customization) business software applications. Using tools and languages including those listed below, IT-Architechs can create a solution that matches your requirements exactly.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • (C# / ASP.NET / MVC / Web Forms / Web API )
  • Microsoft Access (and other Office programs)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Javascript

Services Include:

  • Complete Application Development from conception to installation
  • Customisation of off-the-shelf software (where SDK available)
  • Custom Report Creation
  • Migration from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Conversion of Legacy Code to Modern Platform
  • Automate Creation of XML Product Feeds for Submission
  • Data Normalisation (e.g. Spreadsheet to Database)
  • Data Validation and Error Correction
  • Function and Macro Coding