Web Site Development

Few businesses that supply products in the UK can be without an Internet presence. Even fewer can compete in the current economy without the ability to sell on-line. IT-Architechs can establish or extend your company’s web presence to give you all that is required to sell your products on-line. If your business is wholesale, then we can provide a system that will allow your customers to order online at any time. A complete administrative application allows you to create product records, track orders, have pricing groups, send email shots and much more more.

Now also with responsive design, making your website available on mobile, tablet or desktop web browsers.

If you don’t feel you have the skills to look after the website yourself then an eCommerce managed solution lets you focus on your customer requirements and product lines. IT-Architechs can do all the work for you including compiling product databases, separate pricing for customer groups, individual item photography and of course web design and hosting. You just need to handle the extra orders via administrative access provided.